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This law shall regulate the rules of traffic,the conduct of traffic participants,traffic restrictions,traffic signals,signs and instructions to which all traffic participants shall adhere ,the conditions which drivers shall meet in order to drive a vehicle ,driver`s education,passing driving tests,right to drive a vehicle,issuing of driving licences.

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Towing service “STEMI “ was founded in 1973. and ever since has been exclusively dealing with recovery and towing of vehicles,trucks,buses as well as with the transport of various machines. In the last twenty years we have specialized in the heavy duty recovery with new and modern equipment.

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    Šlep služba Stemi
    Naselje Lipar 21
    35000 Jagodina, Serbia
    Phone: +381 (63) 600 200
    Mobile: +381 (69) 63 63 63
    Fax: +381 (35) 88 35 328
    E-mail: info@stemi.rs
    Web: www.stemi.rs
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